CSA stands for "community supported agriculture."

In a world filled with large corporations that essentially manufacture our foods, CSA represents an opportunity to recover the integrity of honest, local food, and reconnect people directly to the farmer who actually grew it. 

Through a membership program, our CSA provides our customers with a weekly box of high-quality, USDA certified organic vegetables with higher nutritional content and noticeably better taste.

Farmers provide great tasting vegetables and food security. Customers provide financial stability and loyalty for an entire season.

How does our CSA program work? 

Members pay a fee at the beginning of the growing season, when the farm needs it most. From mid-June through mid-October (18 weeks), members receive a “share” of our farm’s harvest in the form of a weekly box of fresh produce. The boxes are picked up by our customers from host sites around the Toledo area.

As crops rotate throughout the seasons, weekly shares vary by size and type of produce. On most weeks, members can expect to receive 5-7 different varieties of produce in the half size share — about a grocery bag full, or enough to feed two people, valued at about $22 per week.

The cost for a half share (the share size most people get) is $405.

Members also receive a weekly meal plans to help them use up the box contents as well as weekly coaching and video tutorials through our private Facebook page to turn them into a "Master" at eating the CSA way.

Members have the option of gathering their share at one of five locations around Toledo. These are listed in detail under the CSA Pick Up Sites tab.

How CSA helps the farmer

The benefits of the CSA model for us as farmers are significant.  In our opinion, there is no better way for meaningful, integrity relationships to form with our customers. As we pour our energy into growing our farm, we can picture the faces of the people who will enjoy our food, making this vocation deeply personal  for us.

Financially, community supported agriculture provides us with a dependable income and a guaranteed market for our product, and in so doing reduces our financial risk and need to take out costly loans. By removing the guesswork of how much to grow, we can produce only what we need and better steward our natural resources.

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