We’ve tried CSA programs in other towns we’ve lived in, and Shared Legacy is the best we have ever found.  The produce is phenomenal — even in the early part of the season, the boxes are packed full of beautiful vegetables.  The variety is great, but there are always  basics, like corn, potatoes, and carrots.  Farmer Curt is generous with the extras too.  We pick ours up from the Toledo Farmer’s Market so we can fill in with fresh bread and other veggies.  It’s a highlight of our summer weekends. Great social media presence.  Awesome newsletter with plenty of recipes.    If you’re thinking about joining a CSA this year, you can’t go wrong with Shared Legacy.  -Kara Bruce Blankenheim

Produce done right!  Extremely high quality, organic produce from hard-working, local farmers and it tastes better too!  It’s wonderful to be able to see the entire process from farm to table and know exactly what you are eating.  We look forward to our box every week! -Derek Zylka

We’ve been members of Shared Legacy Farms CSA for the past three years. Each year we received high quality organic produce. But Shared Legacy is so much more than the place I get my veggies! Through the CSA experience I’ve tried new vegetables, introduced my grandkids to the concept of farm grown produce, and developed a new appreciation for the work of my farmers. Kurt and Corinna, and the rest of the staff, provide great customer service and wonderful opportunities for the CSA community to gather for fun and learning. Can’t wait for next year! –Kathryn Helleman

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