We’ve tried CSA programs in other towns we’ve lived in, and Shared Legacy is the best we have ever found.  The produce is phenomenal — even in the early part of the season, the boxes are packed full of beautiful vegetables.  The variety is great, but there are always  basics, like corn, potatoes, and carrots.  Farmer Curt is generous with the extras too.  We pick ours up from the Toledo Farmer’s Market so we can fill in with fresh bread and other veggies.  It’s a highlight of our summer weekends. Great social media presence.  Awesome newsletter with plenty of recipes.   We haven’t done a lot of the programs held at the farm, but it seems like Corinna always has something going on: farm olympics, juice making, pesto making, etc.  They also have a farm dinner near the end of every season. If you’re thinking about joining a CSA this year, you can’t go wrong with Shared Legacy.  -Kara Bruce Blankenheim

Produce done right!  Extremely high quality, organic produce from hard-working, local farmers and it tastes better too!  It’s wonderful to be able to see the entire process from farm to table and know exactly what you are eating.  We look forward to our box every week! -Derek Zylka

We’ve been members of Shared Legacy Farms CSA for the past three years. Each year we received high quality organic produce. But Shared Legacy is so much more than the place I get my veggies! Through the CSA experience I’ve tried new vegetables, introduced my grandkids to the concept of farm grown produce, and developed a new appreciation for the work of my farmers. Kurt and Corinna, and the rest of the staff, provide great customer service and wonderful opportunities for the CSA community to gather for fun and learning. Can’t wait for next year! –Kathryn Helleman

Produce tastes great, excellent variety, threw away very little.  Also did egg share which was our favorite part.  Pickup sites were very convenient.  Staff were very friendly and often had additional goods available for purchase or as extras such as Honey and various fruits like apples and pears.  We signed up for a second year and plan on continuing our membership for the foreseeable future.  —Brian Eggenberger

We are looking forward to our third summer as CSA members with Shared Legacy Farms.  Each week we pick up a box of fresh from their fields vegetables.  Recipes found on their website have helped us to enjoy some of the vegetables we haven’t been familiar with before joining the CSA, and, other recipes help us enjoy veggies and fruits well known to us in a new and exciting way!  The fruit in our boxes are from other local farmers and has never disappointed us!  We make cobblers, cookies, compotes, and jams from the fruit that we don’t eat fresh in cereal and yogurt or out of our hand.   We also will be picking up the most amazing eggs we’ve ever eaten that are raised at Weber Farms.  Not only are the products amazing but the owners, Kurt and Corinna are too!  Their passion about ALL people eating better fresher foods is so evident in all they do.  Their tireless work in the fields, the care they take in hiring wonderful staff to work side by side with them in all kinds of weather to be able to bring the very best produce from their fields to CSA  members and the restaurants they serve in the area.  The newsletter written and sent to CSA members each month is chock full of farm news, recipes, and updates on their family—their kids are adorable!   Classes given during growing season to show how to can, jam, make pesto, and just enjoy time away from the craziness of daily life are enjoyed by many.   They host family events each summer and fall that are fun filled for all ages and they also host a lovely Farm to Table dinner each year where a local chef prepares a menu showcasing their farm’s bounty in each dish.  Belonging to the Shared Legacy Farms CSA has been a real joy for us.  We are looking forward to another great summer with them!  -Karen Meyers

We’ve been most of our fresh veggies from Kurt and Corinna at Shared Legacy Farms for the past couple of years, and we LOVE it! We originally joined their CSA because we were looking for local, organic, fresh produce as a healthy option for our family (my wife and I have 5 children). We were very impressed with the diverse selection of options we receive in our CSA box each week. Our family has been able to try veggies that we wouldn’t normally purchase on our own from a store. We really look forward to seeing what we get on pick-up day. And compared to store prices, we found the CSA to be a great value for the quality and amount of produce we receive. But those are not the only reasons we will continue to be a loyal Customer… I didn’t know it at the time, but actually knowing the farmer that grows your food has been an amazing experience. You really get a sense of ownership, community and pride when you invest in a CSA and actually KNOW the people that are growing your food. And it’s reassuring to know Kurt, Corinna, and their children are eating the exact same food they are providing us. When we compare all the benefits of the Shared Legacy Farms CSA to buying produce from a supermarket…well…there really is no comparison. Shared Legacy Farms CSA is the ONLY way to buy healthy, fresh, organic produce in our local area. –Pete Genot

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