Vegetable Share (Certified Organic)

Half Share: $410    Full Share: $760

A box of certified organic vegetables, picked fresh from our farm in Elmore. Season runs 18 weeks, starting early June through early October. Each box contains about 6 different varieties of veggies each week, depending on the season. 

The half vegetable share is the perfect size for a beginning customer or a small family (2-4 people). The Full Share is designed for large families, committed vegetable eaters, and seasoned veterans in the kitchen who want to store away extra food for the winter months. It is exactly twice the portion size of the half share. 

Your Vegetable Share includes the following benefits:

  • 18 weeks of our fresh and great-tasting vegetables (June-October)This includes the core box plus access to the extras table.
  • Access to the private SLF Facebook group — A community of SLF foodies all eating the same food each week, and supporting each other in the process. This is also the location of the training tutorials.
  • A wide variety of veggies each week– You’ll get a healthy mix of staples and artisanal veggies in each box. We do that on purpose because we know that you would never choose napa cabbage on your own. But we’ve seen countless people who have expanded their tastes because we “forced them” to try someone new. And since we’re about changing the way people eat, this feature is a non-negotiable for us.
  • The “USDA Certified Organic” label — You have total food security with our farm. You can’t “fudge the rules” when you’re audited by a third-party certifier.
  • You’re supporting a local business — You can know that 100% of your dollars are going right to our family to support us. I use your deposit to support our family and farm expenses in the spring months all the way through December.
  • Training for how to eat our food — No other CSA does this like we do. We believe this is a necessary piece of the puzzle in helping people learn how to eat our food. You’ll have access to updated video trainings, vegetable “exit strategies,” PDF cheatsheets, and a comprehensive Ebook library for every veggie we grow.
  • Weekly Recipes and Meal plans, prepared by our registered dietitian and CSA coach. These give you a starting point for using your box to combat the feeling of overwhelm that often comes with the early years of CSA membership.
  • Access to 5 farm events and workshops. Because we know this helps you build a relationship with us.


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Fruit Share (Not Organic)

Weekly Fruit Share: $340     Biweekly Fruit Share: $170

An assortment of 3 types of seasonal fruit, grown by neighboring farms. Not organic. Season runs 16 weeks from early July through early October in conjunction with our vegetable share.  Chose between a weekly or biweekly delivery. This share is available to all sites except Toledo Market. 

You cannot purchase a fruit share unless you have purchased a vegetable share. 

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Artisan Cheese Share

Cheese Share, Bi-Weekly: $200 

We’ve partnered with Turkeyfoot Creek Creamery and Canal Junction Farmstead Cheese to bring you our popular artisan cheese share. The cheese share is delivered 9 times (every other week of the 18 week CSA season). With each disbursement, you will receive three cheeses: 2 half pound “hard” cheeses and one 5 oz. variety of soft goat’s cheese. Varieties of cheese will rotate each week and will include the following:

Hard Cheeses (from Canal Junction): Award-winning Charloe, Wabash Erie Canal (Gruyere), Flat Rock (Abondance), Gouda, Bossie Cheddar, and more.

Soft Goat’s Cheeses (from Turkeyfoot Creamery): Plain goat cheese, peppercorn goat cheese, garlic goat cheese, honey goat cheese, pineapple goat cheese, feta, and plain and flavored cheese curds.

Turkeyfoot Creek Creamery produces their hand-made cheeses in their state-of-the-art, certified facility in Wauseon, Ohio. They take pride in knowing that every drop of milk that goes into their cheese is derived from the natural forages that their goats enjoy on the farm.  All their cheeses are farm fresh products that are hormone free and perservative free!

Canal Junction Homestead is a family-owned and operated farm in Defiance, OH. Their award-winning cheeses are produced from cows that are pasture-raised and grass-fed. No synthetic hormones, herbicides, or pesticides are used in their farming practices.


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Pastured Egg Share

Weekly Share: $95                 Bi-Weekly Share: $47.50
One dozen, free-range, pastured, un-sized eggs supplied by Weber Ranch LLC. With a supplement of GMO-free feed that they make themselves, Weber’s hens are on a fresh salad bar of grass each day to eat bugs and forage. They are free range, pasturing, and are always cage free. Because of this holistic management, the eggs are higher in omega 3, vitamins E &A, beta carotene, and lower in cholesterol.  This egg share runs in conjunction with our CSA schedule, for 18 weeks. Weekly shares receive a dozen eggs every week. Bi-weekly shares get a dozen every other week.

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Maddie and Bella Coffee Share

Weekly Share: $226                   Bi-Weekly Share: $113
Receive a 12 oz bag of whole bean coffee, roasted fresh from local Perrysburg coffee purveyor Maddie and Bella Coffee Company. Experience the complexities and variations of coffees from over a dozen countries – from the far reaches of South America to the most remote villages in Africa. Learn about regional flavor profiles and receive helpful tasting notes each week. Maddie and Bella coffees are all small-batch roasted, ethically sourced, and 100% specialty grade Arabica beans. 18 week season. Weekly shares receive one bag per week. Bi-weekly shares receive a bag every other week.

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