With our expansion into the wonderful world of full-time farming, we have the opportunity to branch out and try to offer some new things to enhance our CSA farm experience. Here are just a few items on our hit list:

1. We plan to sell honey from our own beehives. These will be for sale just like our maple syrup — in certain sizes — available to order through our website throughout the season.

2. A new farm day event called “Farm Olympics.” This will be a kid-friendly silly afternoon event with all kinds of farm-themed events and contests.

3. Free University. This is an idea Corinna picked up from her alma mater Williams College, where students offered their own courses during the winter study month covering all kinds of interests. We would likewise give customers the chance to “teach” a class that would be open to all our CSA customers. You get to design the class yourself, submit a class description and terms/conditions, and we create a course catalog that we send out to all of you in May. Then you contact the instructor to sign up. We just play the middle-man. Ideas can be anything from book discussions, beer making 101, Knitting, Cooking classes, Arts and Crafts courses, This is a neat way to build “community” within our group of customers, and share our unique strengths and interests.

4. The Great Food Giveaway — Not sure of the details, but the idea is to organize a gleaning day where people can come out and pick bumper crops; we load it on a truck and drive to needy neighborhoods to disburse it directly to people in need.

5. Offer Farm Field Trips. One of the ways we want to expand our business is to schedule farm field trips for school groups and other youth organizations. For a very reasonable fee, we can design an educational and fun farm experience for children of all ages.

6. Sunset Dinner. Open to non-CSAers  as well as CSA customers, this would be a “fancy” catored meal served outside on the farm, prepared by one of our chef friends, using local produce from our fields and other local ingredients. The menu would be unique, upscale, and poignantly memorable on the taste buds. This time, Kurt and Corinna get to just sit and relax, mingling with the guests, while someone else does all the work! Seats are limited, and tickets must be purchased to attend.

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