In August 2016, our farm received the official USDA organic certificate from OEFFA. With this seal, customers can be reassured that we will be following the national organic standards set by the USDA and that we are fully committed to promoting the greater cause of organic agriculture.  We are looking for customers who want to support our farm as it makes this agricultural paradigm shift and moves responsibly in the right direction.

One caveat we should mention: the sweet corn in our CSA boxes is the one item that we “buy in” from our parents’ farm, who farm conventionally. It is a hybrid sweet corn (and not GMO). As we attempt to support our family’s rich history of providing super sweet corn, we are currently evaluating whether we will continue to provide this popular crop with our share in years to come. Because it is not organic, this crop will never be pre-packed in your share (the “co-mingling” rule), but rather offered as an option on the extras table where you must pack it yourself.