Well my friends, I am sorry to say this is will be my last entry. I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather for a few weeks, and haven’t been eating much lately. Thought it was nothing — just a stomach bug or maybe that rabbit I caught and gleefully enjoyed just outside the perimeter of the electric fence (so Sienna couldn’t share in my bounty). But after a visit to the vet, seems I have a bad case of lung cancer, and my prognosis does not look good. Kurt bought me a nice fat rotisserie chicken today, and I have already enjoyed my last meal. It is hard to believe, but it seems I must say a very final good-bye.

Thank you to all of my fans, and all the many cuddles, secret snacks under the table, and of course your support of our farm. It’s hard to believe how far we have come in the five years we’ve been here in Ohio. I will miss the wide open spaces to run out here on the farm, the cold creek that runs along our property where I took many a refreshing bath. I will miss my friend Sienna — our daily wrestling matches and our even more frequent tussles over the doggie food dish contents. But the farm is now in her good hands. I’ve been secretly preparing Sienna for this day — hands-on workshops, midnight training sessions, exams, conferences, writing seminars — and she is more than capable of taking on the management of the farm. (You didn’t really think Kurt was running the farm, did you?). Many of you are doubtless wondering what will happen to this diary entry? I have already placed that duty into Sienna’s capable paws, and she will surely bring her own signature style and flair to the new Sienna’s Diary.

I will miss Jed and Josiah, and their lovable cuddles, and makeshift attempts to call me to task. But I will miss Kurt most of all. I came to him in a difficult part of his life, and like to think I helped him through it. He and I have a special bond. I want to apologize for my many naughty puppy adventures and wilderness wanderings though the neighborhood of Elgin and Elmore, all the doggie holes I dug under the fence, and of course that unfortunate plastic bag I swallowed from the garbage can that led to a very expensive surgery. But it’s been a fabulous ride, hasn’t it? I wouldn’t change a bit. Here’s been the secret to my happiness: Eat well. Love and be loved deeply. Keep a few burrs in your fur. And always keep your eye on the prize (in my case, woodchucks). Speaking of keeping your eye on the prize, please watch out for Corinna and Kurt. Help them realize their dream. I had hoped to be there to see it. But I know that with God’s help, it shall come to pass. I’m feeling a bit tired now. It’s time to lay down my pen. Be well. Love to you all!      — Montana

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