Merry Christmas everyone! Wow has it been a while. So much to tell you. Let’s see… first there was Halloween, where Jed wowed us all with his homemade combine costume. Just like a real combine, he took over the sidewalks with his big auger blocking the way. Although plagued with a few design flaws, it was still a show-stopper. Thanksgiving was spent at Maumee Bay State Park with the Hill side of the family. Jed always looks forward to those trips because of the swimming pool and the play room area. Sienna and I were left at home to fend for ourselves. The Bench Family has been busy at it getting ready for the holidays. They went out after Thanksgiving to cut their own tree and Jed had a blast picking out all the tractor ornaments he could find to trim it. (Cont’d page 4)Meanwhile, he enjoys waking up everyday to look for the next door in his homemade Advent calendar, which Corinna designed to look like a train. Elf on the Shelf (we call him Otto Elfy) makes an appearance every day. Every day we have some kind of Advent Activity. And we are listening to our fair share of Christmas music. It’s downright festive. Jed went to his first real movie theater experience — the Polar Express at the Ford Center IMAX. And he loved it. Josiah is coming up with new words in his vocabulary every day. He now says “three” and “outside” (which is where he always wants to be). In not so good news, we’ve had the dog warden called on us this month (for running loose on the bike path), so it’s no more freedom for us.  Sienna is also back on her electric collar. And so it goes…. Kurt is on schedule to go full time as a farmer this spring. March 31st is the last day at ADM. He planted garlic with the help of his growers Mike and Ashleigh, and Maggie, Corinna, and Jed. It’s already starting to break through the topsoil. Beds have been made for next spring with the bed-maker. Basic cleanup around the farm has ensued, with a giant bonfire last weekend to finally get rid of the huge burn pile. We are being lazy, enjoying afternoon walks with Corinna or with Kurt when he gets home from work, and bored out of our minds.  Hurry up spring! — Love, Montana

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