What’s going to be in my box?

The goal is to pre-pack 6 “core” items into your box each week, so that when you come to pick up your share, it’s ready to take home.  These core items tend to be popular staples like carrots or lettuce as well as the featured item of the week. We take the guesswork out of what’s for dinner.

To help you get an idea of what exactly might be in your box on any given week this coming year, Farmer Kurt has prepared a Harvest Calendar grid PDF. If a vegetable is highlighted on the week listed, our plan is to have that item in your box that week. Of course plans may change with Mother Nature, but this Harvest Calendar is a great guide to help you decide if this CSA is right for you.

Download the CSA Harvest Calendar Plan for 2018.

Can I choose what goes in my box?

We also know that some of you like having some choice in what you want to eat. For that reason, we also provide “extras” at each of our pick-ups. These are bins of additional produce that you get to add into your box (for no extra fee) based on your preference. You can take one of every extra item, or just one.

What’s the difference between a half and full share?

A half share is what 90% of our customers purchase. It’s a good place to start if you are a rookie to CSA. It costs $405.

A full share is for people who eat a LOT of veggies and are good at storing extra away. It is twice as much quantity as a half share. It costs $760.

To see a video where we show you the difference in box size, click on this link. 

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