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Sienna Writes Week 7

July 20, 2014 by  
Filed under Sienna's Diary

Hi everyone- Seems like I just wrote my journal entry for the week. Is anyone else feeling like this summer is flying? It’s already week 7. Speaking of flying, I’ve been flying through the fields this week, feeling much better. I broke out of confinement to chase the kids down the bike path last week. […]

Sienna Writes Week 6

July 13, 2014 by  
Filed under Sienna's Diary

It’s been a hot week. I’ve been given more freedom outside this week, and so far have had no episodes or heartworm complications. (Shhhh!… Are there any vets out there? Don’t tell!) The chickens are getting more adventurous. They like to roost on the branches of our magnolia tree, and they continue to eat in […]

Sienna’s Diary July 6

July 7, 2014 by  
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Happy Fourth of July everyone! I watched the fireworks go last night go off in Woodville. You can see them really great from our farm. The cousins came over for the weekend too, which is always mayhem. It’s been a rough week for me. I’ve been banished to the house or my crate for a […]

Sienna Heads to the ER

June 29, 2014 by  
Filed under Sienna's Diary

Hi everyone — the week started with a visit to the doggie ER in Maumee, after a slight complication to my heartworm treatment. I’m allright now. Just a slight fainting spell. (Doggie treat smelling salts anyone?) Now I’m being held under close watch to prevent me from moving at all. Ridiculous, I tell you. Saw […]

Sienna Writes

June 22, 2014 by  
Filed under Sienna's Diary

The chickens were released! The chickens were released! In a bold move that defied all reason, Corinna opened up the chicken coop last week, “just to see what would happen.” And those chickens came out and started pecking away at the fresh grass and bug supply around the house. With each passing day, they get […]

Sienna Writes Week 2

June 15, 2014 by  
Filed under Sienna's Diary

Hi everyone—what a gorgeous week. I wish you could see the catalpa tree by our house. It is flowering and dropping flowers all over our lawn. The boys like to pick them up and “harvest” them in their wagons. Josiah celebrated his birthday party on Sunday with the immediate family, and you have to check […]

Sienna Writes June 8

June 8, 2014 by  
Filed under Sienna's Diary

Hi everyone — it’s been a super start to our spring out here. The crops are looking great. We had a long dry spell there, which gave Kurt a chance to really get a lot of things planted in the ground. Luckily it rained this Wednesday — we sure needed it! (So did Kurt!) The […]

Sienna Has Heartworm!

May 11, 2014 by  
Filed under Sienna's Diary

Hello everyone. If you’re new to the group, I’m Sienna, the farm dog. I am so looking forward to telling you the farm news each week this season. The big news is I have adult heartworm. Found out at my doggie checkup this week. This has really put a damper on my summer plans. Apparently […]

Sienna Writes April 6

April 10, 2014 by  
Filed under Sienna's Diary

Hi everyone! The rumors are true. I am now 4 years old. In honor of my birthday this past month, Kurt and Corinna bought me a giant bone and a new red Frisbee that is “dog-proof.” I was in heaven. As the official farm dog, I have to bring up the weather (farmers always talk […]

Sienna Rants…

March 4, 2014 by  
Filed under Sienna's Diary

The cat has got to go. Listen, I know there have been a myriad of opinions on this topic, but I’ve got to side with Kurt on this one. She has taken over the house, built a nest in the laundry basket, and stealthily ingratiated herself into the lives of the children and Corinna. There’s […]

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