Our greenhouse is finally finished. In the past, we’ve had to drive all the way to Curtice to our parent’s farm to use their greenhouse to start our seedlings. (Thank You Mom and Dad!) It took a lot of time to commute, and we sometimes didn’t get things done on time. At long last, we have our own place to propagate our vegetable plants. We actually start seeding the onions in February. (They take that long to grow to maturity). In order to stimulate a seed to grow, you need to provide it with bottom heat. Kurt researched a do-it-yourself design. It is an ingenious way to heat his propagation table that saved us a lot of money, and works just as well as the fancy propagation tables out there.  After building a wooden frame, he placed a piece of foiled foam insulation on the bottom then a  1/2 inch layer of coarse sand. On top of that, he laid a piece of wire cloth that had the heating cable attached to it. The heating cable is a simple heating wire that is controlled by an in-line thermostat. He then laid another layer of sand on top of the heating cables, and plugged it in. The sand reaches a nice  temperature of +-70 degrees that encourages the seeds to germinate. Kurt will use this propagation table to germinate seed as well as rooting out cuttings. Once the seeds sprout, he moves them over to a basic table where they grow to their final size before being moved out side into a low tunnel to be weather-hardened (in preparation to be transplanted into the field). Kurt’s parents used to have a similar system in their greenhouse before they built their current hot water bench system. Building the propagation table brought back a lot of memories for Kurt….

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