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Farmers On Vacation?!

February 5, 2013 by  
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This month was full of down-time and relaxation, as we took not one, but TWO vacations as a family. First, we headed to Indiana for our annual visit to Pokagon State Park. Jed tobogganed down the famous slide all Friday night (Kurt and Corinna came late, so we never got to it). We also enjoyed visiting with our cousins and aunts/uncles and grandma/grandpas during the weekend. The best part was a hike up to Hell’s Point with Josiah on Kurt’s shoulders most the way! And of course our late-night match of Euchre with Aunt Heidi and Derrick.

The next weekend we were off again to Houston, TX, to visit our new nephew born this January, Jack Louis.  What a head of hair! While we were there, we enjoyed pillow fights with Uncle Torsten, And the boys climbed up the mattress mountain we made in his room. Jed and Josiah loved Torsten’s Lego collection, and played with it all week even at Opa’s house. We spent our days visiting dinosaur museums and parks, playgrounds, and the famous Train Ride around Hermann Park. Then we topped it off with a visit to Corinna’s godson, Thomas, where Jed played all day in the sandbox with his new best friends. We enjoyed the 70 degree weather and shorts and t-shirts. Sure was nice, but it’s also good to be home in our own beds. Now it’s back to work!


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