Tuesday, September 23, 2014

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Welcome to Shared Legacy Farms, where we strive to grow the best-tasting, locally-grown, organic vegetables for our farm community. We are passionate about two things: growing delicious produce in a way that honors and protects Mother Nature, and re-establishing the vital personal connection between the local farmer and community.  Our customers not only share in the bounty of our harvest. They also experience the life of our farm and family.  Join us, as we bring the local farmer back to your kitchen table.

Farm News

Food Waste!

A lot of food is wasted all over the world. By some estimates, about 40% of our food... 

Who’s Who of SLfarms: Craig Butler

Tell us about your family: Our small family consists of my beautiful wife of seven... 

Kurt’s Blog

Howdy Farm Family. Had a great time sharing the farm with everyone who came out this... 

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Farm Event News

Field to Table Dinner Menu

At last the menu for the Field to Table dinner has been posted by Chef Joseph Jacobsen... 


Our next farm event is Saturday, Sept. 20 from 4-7:30 PM and includes a potluck meal... 

Port Clinton Site Moves to Tuesday this week due to Labor Day

Due to Labor Day falling on Monday, we will move the Port Clinton site back one day... 

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Sienna's Diary

Sienna the Farm Dog Writes about the Farm Day

So good to see all of you at the Potluck this weekend. It was jumpin’! I don’t think we’ve ever had that many people here at one time. It was close to 100 people! I felt slightly upstaged by the chickens, who were the popular pet of the night, but that’s okay. I still got all the leftovers. Wasn’t that straw bale fort super cool? We added... [Read more of this review]

Sienna’s Diary — the farm dog writes

This has been a marathon week for your farmers. First, there was the big “Zoo Event” which featured our farm’s produce on the menu, not to mention a guest appearance on the “panel of experts.” What did you think of that event, by the way? I’ve heard mixed reviews. Then we got slammed with a big rainstorm which made the fields muddy, wet,... [Read more of this review]

Sienna the Farm Dog Blogs

I just woke up from my late night revelry at Pesto Fest. I got all the leftover pesto and boy was it a zinger! I heard the party was a great time. I was in my crate most of the evening. We couldn’t have asked for more idyllic weather — cool and crisp. The packing shed smelled like basil and the whirring sounds of the food processors drove me crazy!... [Read more of this review]

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