Wednesday, April 16, 2014

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Welcome to Shared Legacy Farms, where we strive to grow the best-tasting, locally-grown, organic vegetables for our farm community. We are passionate about two things: growing delicious produce in a way that honors and protects Mother Nature, and re-establishing the vital personal connection between the local farmer and community.  Our customers not only share in the bounty of our harvest. They also experience the life of our farm and family.  Join us, as we bring the local farmer back to your kitchen table.

Farm News

ELMORE CSA Site is Now Tuesday, Not Monday

An important announcement. We have decided to move the Elmore farm pick-up time from... 

Growing Lettuce in Eaves Troughs?

With the greenhouse now in full-swing, we tried out an innovative growing method... 

Making Sense of Organic Labels

You’ve seen the term “organic” everywhere. But what exactly does it mean? Precise... 

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Farm Event News

Potatoes Planted

Thanks to you, we got 8 beds of potatoes planted this weekend. Wow! Does it go fast... 

SPUD HUNT delayed until 1:30 PM

We are delaying the SPUD Hunt until 1:30 PM this Saturday, April 12, due to the wet... 

SPUD Potato Hunt and Planting this Saturday

In a spin on the traditional Easter Egg Hunt, our farm will be hosting the first... 

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Sienna's Diary

Sienna Writes April 6

Hi everyone! The rumors are true. I am now 4 years old. In honor of my birthday this past month, Kurt and Corinna bought me a giant bone and a new red Frisbee that is “dog-proof.” I was in heaven. As the official farm dog, I have to bring up the weather (farmers always talk about the weather). The snow is gone at last. We’ve had muddy conditions... [Read more of this review]

Sienna Rants…

The cat has got to go. Listen, I know there have been a myriad of opinions on this topic, but I’ve got to side with Kurt on this one. She has taken over the house, built a nest in the laundry basket, and stealthily ingratiated herself into the lives of the children and Corinna. There’s even a litter box now. Oh yeah, she’s inside, like all the... [Read more of this review]

Sienna Writes Early January

Well hello everyone. And Happy New Year and Merry Christmas all at once! Did you enjoy the holidays? For those of you who don’t know me, I’m the farm dog — a golden retriever. December has been a great month for the Benches. It’s so full of traditions like Gingerbread house construction, sledding, crafts, cookie-baking, tree hunting, family... [Read more of this review]

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