Tuesday, July 29, 2014

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Welcome to Shared Legacy Farms, where we strive to grow the best-tasting, locally-grown, organic vegetables for our farm community. We are passionate about two things: growing delicious produce in a way that honors and protects Mother Nature, and re-establishing the vital personal connection between the local farmer and community.  Our customers not only share in the bounty of our harvest. They also experience the life of our farm and family.  Join us, as we bring the local farmer back to your kitchen table.

Farm News

Now Hiring: Corn DeTasselers?…

This time of year, there’s a whole fleet of farm employees in the Midwest Corn... 

Farmer Kurt Blog: Do only what YOU can do

This has been a transition year for us in terms of how we manage the farm. Being... 

Electronic Scarecrows

If you visit our farm, you will easily notice an audible screeching noise that appears... 

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Farm Event News

Farm Olympics is this Saturday, August 2

Our Farm Olympics was rescheduled for this Saturday, August 2, from 10 am to noon.... 

Farm Olympics Postponed

The Farm Olympics event has been postponed to August 2, due to lack of sign ups,... 

Field to Table Fine Dining Tickets Go on Sale Friday

Our Field to Table dinner tickets will be going on sale TOMORROW (Friday June 27)... 

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Sienna's Diary

Sienna and the Pedal Tractor Incident

Is it fall already? Who turned down the temps? Geesh. I’m trying to cuddle in my “house” under the porch, but the chickens have taken it over. I think they like its shade. Who’s the Alpha on this farm, anyway? Now I am relegated to sleeping under the truck. It works. Snowflake is really scared of the chickens by the way. She won’t come in... [Read more of this review]

Sienna Writes Week 7

Hi everyone- Seems like I just wrote my journal entry for the week. Is anyone else feeling like this summer is flying? It’s already week 7. Speaking of flying, I’ve been flying through the fields this week, feeling much better. I broke out of confinement to chase the kids down the bike path last week. And even met a new buddy at the Tuesday night... [Read more of this review]

Sienna Writes Week 6

It’s been a hot week. I’ve been given more freedom outside this week, and so far have had no episodes or heartworm complications. (Shhhh!… Are there any vets out there? Don’t tell!) The chickens are getting more adventurous. They like to roost on the branches of our magnolia tree, and they continue to eat in Jed’s garden. At night, they... [Read more of this review]

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